A Simple MERN Full Stack Application

npx create-react-app simple_mern_app
  1. React-router-dom
npm i react-router-dom
npm i axios
  • In app.js add the router to your apps:
  • In Home.js we are adding a Navbar, Add Details Button, UserDetails_info and also navigating to AddDetails screen when the user click Add Details button.
  • In Navbar.js file just a simple underorder list with the title of app in list
  • In Main.js file we are creating a table which will have the user details, which are retrieved from the API. This will shown the data in tabular form.
  • In AddDetails.js file we are creating a form which will take the Name, Full Name, Address, Phone Number and Email and when the user click submit the data from the form will be pushed into the app using axios.post and after posting the it will need to redirect to Main Page.
  • Finally Styling the page make your own changes or keep this css file App.css
  • Run the application by using:
npm start
  • Which will start the server and project will be running in the browser.
  • If you want to host the application you can do it in Netlify.
  • For hosting the application we need to move our application to deployment for that we need to do:
npm run-script build




Full Stack Developer [Web | Mobile]

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Aravind Kumar Vemula

Aravind Kumar Vemula

Full Stack Developer [Web | Mobile]

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