How to create a project in FeedbackSpot

Aravind Kumar Vemula
2 min readDec 16, 2022

Let’s us know how to create a project in FeedbackSpot

Get Started


Log in to your account using google.

On Top navigate to “New Project +” which looks like below

Enter your project Name

If you haven’t created a google sheet try to make a new sheet or already have a google sheet ready.

In the top right click on the share button, add this email, give an editor access and click on share

Email Id

Now click on the share button and copy the link and paste the link in the application.

Now click on Create Project. After creating below you will see your Google Sheet Name.

Now on home page you see your project information and the google sheet URL

Now click on Edit Widget to add your custom fields and you will see like

You can edit and you can see the preview on another side,
Click on Create Widget Button to create your Widget.

Now navigate to your home page.

To view your API click on View API and use the API in your website.

Thanks for reading the article. Try the application and share your feedback on our website.

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